Acer laptop problems & solution

5 Common Acer Laptop Problems & Solution!

There is no brand of the laptop which is error free or you can say nothing like perfect laptop brand. Every brand laptop has some technical issues like assembly methods or configuration problem. The users of Acer laptop face mainly 5 common problems. If you are getting the poor performance of a laptop or its freezing it might be other reason instead of your laptop brand. If you are unable to troubleshoot the problem why not ask tech support for help? Try Acer technical support phone number and ask the experts to help you. Through the help of customer care, you will able to resolve all kind of laptop issue. Let’s see the 5 common Acer Laptop problems and its solution.

Stretched Images on Widescreen ACER Laptops

Some users get extended pictures/images on their Acer laptop. The reason for this problem is a configuration problem. Due to incorrect configuration or wrong graphics driver, users face this issue. Some of them think this is related to hardware issue but it is not. The solution to this problem is very simple by just download the latest graphics driver you can fix it.

USB Port Failure

When the USB port failed to respond on the Acer laptop. To fix this issue you can opt for driver installation. However, if you failed to sort it out, you need to get help from customer care team.

Computer Motherboard Failure

If you are unable to turn on the Acer laptop even after the battery of laptop is not dead. It may be problem-related to the motherboard. When the motherboard of laptop fails users get such issues. You can try once to charge the laptop and open it. If you are still unable to turn it on, then reach to the tech support team. Via Acer support number you can ask the customer care for help to rectify the problems.

Black Laptop Screen

The problem of black screen laptop occurs with most of the laptop brand including Acer. The reason behind this problem may be related to hardware. To fix this problem squeeze the Fn and F6 in meantime. If this step works to fix the black laptop screen, you can use your Laptop easily. If not then you need to get help via experts of customer care.

HDD Issues

The issues of Hard disk drive faced by some users of Acer laptop. If you are using a new model of Acer laptop then it may possible that you face this problem. The reason for getting an error is driver cannot keep the correct speed with the disc. If your Hard disk drive is showing error there is only one solution and that is a replacement. If you have to replace HDD, get the help with tech support.

There are more issues with Acer laptop and to solve any of that error. You can simply opt for the customer care team. The trained experts of tech support are 24 X 7 reachable through Acer customer service number.