Set Up a Juno Email on Android

8 Easy Steps to Set Up a Juno Email on Android

There are many users of Juno email who thinks that Android operating system only supports Gmail which is not true. The webmail Juno can be accessed by email apps which all users to manage their email whenever they want. If you want to configure your Juno email with Android phones, try the steps given here. It may possible that Juno users access their email with their android phones. For POP3 or IMAP both email services can configure with android.

Steps to set up a Juno mail on android phone:

1. Open the android app menu & click on the Email icon.

2. Choose the option as POP3 or IMAP as the email provider. If you are already using an email then click on the menu button. Now select the option “More” then click on “New Account.”

3. In new account enter the Juno email account address & password.

4. Click to “Next.”

5. Here you need to set the POP server from “” now change the server port 995 &choose “SSL” and click to next.

6. At “” set the SMTP server and change the server port to 465. Choose the “SSL” and type “Next.”

7. Now enter the account name and display name which will show when you will send email through Juno.

8. Click on the option “Finish setup.”

By the above steps, you will set the Juno email on your Smartphone. If you are getting trouble with email service or failed to send mail. You can opt for Juno customer service. The tech support team of Juno email provides solution related to the email problem. If you want to get help to contact Juno support and asks the team of experts for a solution. You can try the customer care number 24 X 7.