AOL Gold automatic update not working

AOL Gold Automatic Update Not Working: Your 4 Step Guide

Everyday technology is touching new heights, and the computer market or software are getting inflicted with advanced technology. If the topic is about software which has a user-friendly interface, allow the user to perform and user plenty of services at the same time, then AOL Desktop Gold software name will be on top. In this tech era, everyone wants to use the latest technology and advanced features. Among all the desktop software, AOL Desktop Gold has the place on top. This software has millions of user all over the world. It is a product of AOL Inc. and this company releases upgrades of this software on a regular basis on people’s demand. From time to time AOL Desktop Gold has been upgraded and it is obvious that people wish to install the latest update on their computer.

AOL Desktop Gold is one of the best software which allows the user to access multiple features at the same time. This software has very good compatibility, it supports both the operating system Windows & Mac. Also, recently AOL has launched the AOL App for mobiles, which allows the user to access some of AOL Desktop Gold services on phone also.

Even though this software has so many plus points, but this software also is not error free. The Automatic update feature of this software saves the time of installing the new version, but there are times when people have a complaint about the ‘Automatic Update of AOL Desktop Gold in not working’. This problem prevents the computer the automatically download AOL Desktop Gold latest update.

This problem can be resolved by some simple troubleshooting techniques or you can take help from customer care team. Here, in this blog, you can read the steps to solve this problem.

Steps to Resolve AOL Automatic Update Error

Step 1. Start your computer and access into the window. Then click on the ‘Start’ button in the bottom left corner. Then in the search bar type ‘Update’. List of options will appear, click on ‘Windows update’ option.
Step 2. Then opt for ‘Change settings’, right click on this option and choose the option ‘Important settings’. Then tick the box to put the checkmark in the boxes of ‘Install update automatically’.
Step 3. Put a checkmark near the prompt that appears featuring all the new updates when the pop-up window asks.
Step 4. Don’t forget to save all the changes you have done.

These are the steps you can follow, to enable the Automatic update feature again and your computer will start automatically install AOL Desktop Gold latest version again.

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