Apple iCloud Verification Failed

How to Fix Apple iCloud Verification Failed Unknown Error?

iCloud is a storage space developed by Apple Inc. for its devices that operate on IOS. There is the facility for storing data like photos, videos, chats and much more in the cloud storage. But in recent times, users came across an issue of failed verification while connecting their iPhone to iCloud. If you have also gone through this glitch then you must connect with Apple Care Number that stays reachable 24 hours of the day. also fix apple iCloud verification code not working, not received, security code reset, forgot email iCloud email password reset, recovery, iCloud not syncing contacts & change iCloud email.

It is very important to fix this issue so as to eliminate any future troubles. You can follow the given methods to fix the issue on your end. Before troubleshooting, you must note that these steps are just for the fixture of this iCloud verification failed error and will not apply to solve other errors.

Steps to Fix iCloud Verification Failed Error on iPhone

Method 1: Sign in to the iCloud Account Again
It is important to sign into your iCloud again with correct credentials. On your iPhone, open the settings and choose iCloud from the given option. Then swipe down and click on Sign out. Choose to delete from my iPhone to confirm. Enter your ID and password to sign in again

Method 2: Check the network connection
This issue might occur mainly because of poor connection so you must make your connection stable in order to resolve the problem

Method 3: Reconfigure network settings
You should reset the network settings to avoid the error. Open settings and choose general then select the reset option. Tap on the reset network settings and enter a passcode to confirm.

Method 4: Turn the iCloud backup off
Go to the settings app and then select the iCloud option. Choose the backup and turn off the iCloud backup toggle by tapping on it. When you will disable backing up your data from the device to the cloud storage, you will definitely see a reasonable change.

If none of the above methods work according to your way then you must opt to establish a connection with Apple phone number. The support executives available at the helpline will help you in resolving the issue in minimum possible time.

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