Reset Apple ID Password & Gain Control of Your Account

Apple ID is the most important key to access any of your Apple product and service, be it iPhone, iPad, iTunes. In times where people maintain dozens of accounts on various websites, forgetting their password is quite a natural phenomenon that everyone goes through once in their lifetime. Same is the case with Apple users. They usually forget their Apple ID resulting in no access to any of the services. If you are also one of them and looking for the solution to Reset Apple ID Password then it is suggested to reach out to Apple ID Support Phone number that stays accessible online 24 hours of the day. iforgot apple id check status.

iTunes store, App store, Apple music, and iCloud all require your Apple ID and password to be accessible. With the help of some steps that are mentioned in this article, you can reset your Apple ID password. if you forgot your apple id password Then get Help To Fix issues.

iForgot Apple ID Password Reset Using The Account Page:

Step 1: Go to the official page of Apple ID and click on Forgot Apple ID or password in the center of the page

Step 2: you will reach a new page where you will have to enter the Apple ID or the email address associated with the account. Click on continue and select ‘I need to reset my password’

Step 3: you can choose the ways to reset your password, through email or by answering a set of security questions. It all depends on your personal preference. Just opt for that method only for which you are sure about.

Step 4: If you chose the email method, Apple will send you instructions to your primary emails address you used at the time of joining Apple services. Once you see that an email has been sent to your address, check it, if not found, check in spams, junks or trash. Follow the instructions given in the mail to reset your password, if unable to do so then dial Apple ID Phone Number instantly.

Step 5: If you chose to go with answering the security questions, you will need to confirm your birthday and answer the questions that you replied to at the time of registering with Apple. Don’t opt for this method if you do not remember the answers to the questions. And yes, guessing the answer in vain won’t work.

Two-factor authentication: if you have enabled the two-factor authentication, resetting the password can be much easier then. You will be able to reset the Apple ID password Recovery directly from your Apple device you are using. To do so, follow the given:

  • Go to the settings of your IOS device > name > password & security
  • Tap to change the password
  • Enter the passcode
  • Set your new password

(Don’t forget to set a strong & unique password)

In case if you still find it difficult to do the needful then you must connect with Apple ID support where the technical support executives will help you out in resetting the password. Get Help for Apple ID is locked or disabled also.