Disable credit card protection QuickBooks

How to Disable Credit Card Protection in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an account management program that allows users to smoothly make and enter payments. But this software is quite complex for some users who don’t know the right way to use it. There are some rules to use credit cards in QuickBooks where password protection requirements are necessary. This simply means that one has to enable strong protection to process credit card payments. However, users are free to enable or disable the password security as per their preference. In this blog, the issue of disabling credit card protection is elaborated. If you want to know more about this option then you can reach out to QuickBooks customer care where the technicians will explain to you.

QuickBooks is a very useful software which is chosen by small and medium scale organizations. It swiftly manages the accounting details including vendor payments, employee payroll, client accounts and much more.

When you store credit card information for your customer and clients being a merchant then you have a sole responsibility to protect the information. This software allows a system that turns on a security protection with a complex password. Moreover, it is very important to change the password every 90 days.

Steps to disable credit card protection in QuickBooks

Step 1: At first, launch open the QuickBooks software on your device

Step 2: Choose the company and then go to customer credit card protection

Step 3: Under the customer credit card protection dialogue box, choose to disable protection.

In a similar way, you can enable the protection also when you feel like. But you should specify a complex password in the customer credit card protection setup dialogue box. You will need to specify the challenge questions and then select ok. For any assistance, you must connect with the team of technical executives by dialing QuickBooks support number which stays accessible 24 hours of the day. The technical team has an answer for every question you have in your mind regarding the QuickBooks software. They have years of experience in sorting out issues related to this program.