Download Free Music to iTunes

How to Download Free Music to iTunes?

iTunes is an application offered by Apple. It allows you to have unlimited access to millions of songs, videos, movies. TV shows and much more. However it the Apple users have to pay for a song they purchase in iTunes but it can be done free of cost too. If you don’t know how then connect with the experts at Apple support number and they will guide you with the right procedure to download free music.

A variety of free options are available for the users from the iTunes store to get a different song and that too without spending a penny. With the given steps, you can learn to download free songs and open them in iTunes. There are three ways to do so which are elaborated below:

Method 1: Downloading Free Songs From iTunes

  • Start iTunes account: first of all, you need to make sure that you have an active iTunes account to browse the store and select among various options.
  • Look for the free songs of the day by clicking on the tab in the top right corner. You will find a list called quick links where you can select free on iTunes.

Method 2: Finding free music files

  • Visit the websites that offer free MP3 downloads for Apple, you can download according to your preference. Just open iTunes > library and drag & drop your tracks into the window.
  • Get music from your friends: with the help of file storing & sharing applications you can get the songs you want in your iTunes.

Method 2: Download torrent files using a client

  • Torrents are encrypted files that are bit larger in size. Download songs from there and once done, drag and drop those in iTunes. Or you can right-click and select iTunes as your default program for the downloading.

The whole process of getting the songs to your iTunes is very simple. All you need is to find songs as per your taste and genre. Doing this will make your search filtered and save your time. If stuck anywhere or felt confused then contact Apple 1800 number that stays reachable 24×7.

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