Fix Error 9006 iTunes on Mac

How to Fix Error 9006 iTunes on Mac?

It is rather hard to believe that Apple users also confront with various types of troubles. But it is true! Be it the iPhone users or Mac users, on their day to day basis they come across many simple as well as complex issues related to their devices. One such problem is the occurrence of an error that arises mostly in iTunes. In this blog, you will get to know about steps for the solution of error code 9006. You can also reach out to iTunes tech support number for quick guidance regarding the fixture of the error code.

iTunes error code 9006 on Mac computers appear during the recovery process due to the failure of IPSW file download on your system. This can also arise because of faulty USB port or lack of proper internet connection. To fix the error you can try performing the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

Fixing iTunes Error Code 9006 on Mac

Step 1: At first, check your internet connection because such issues generally arise due to non-availability or instability of internet connection

Step 2: Exit out of iTunes and update iTunes on your Mac computer system

Step 3: Reboot your Mac computer and temporarily disable any and all software firewalls including antivirus

Step 4: Try to use a different USB port on the computer and do the update once again

Step 5: Uninstall and reinstall the iTunes program associated with error 9006.

Step 6: You can also opt for any other online tools to get the issue fixed without any hassles

Users can also use a more advanced solution that is you will have to remove the IPSW files first and then reinstall a new one and use that to update the Mac. This is a bit of tedious task to perform, in case you need any guidance, try to connect with Apple iTunes customer support number that stays active online 24 hours of the day. The support executives will simply help you to fix the error code, taking your least minimum time. The technicians are familiar with the issues of Apple products so there is no need to get worried about the service.

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