AOL Desktop Not Responding Error

How to Fix AOL Desktop Not Responding Error?

AOL Desktop Gold is a software which allows swift access of email, browser, music and much more. As compared to the earlier version, this new software has a fresh look, more features, and improved performance. But many users have experienced a glitch of AOL Desktop not responding error. If you are also among them, then you should read this blog until the end. The solution of this error is elaborated with simple steps so that the users can perform them. But you must check that you have to Download AOL Desktop Gold according to the system requirements.

This software is a centralized tool for accessing all AOL services including emails, chats, search and many more at one place. The error of the program that is not responding can be due to outdated software, compatibility issues and also due to slow or no internet connection. If your AOL Desktop Gold Not working then try the given steps:

Fixing AOL Desktop Not Responding Error –

Update AOL Software – this is the initial step you must take to check that the software update status. Go to the official website of AOL Desktop and check the version you are using with the newest available one. If there is a mismatch then download the recently updated version.

Compatibility – have you checked with the basic system requirements before doing the Install AOL Desktop Gold? If not then surely there are compatibility issues that need to rectify. You must reinstall the software on your system after completely checking the necessities.

Network Connection – when you are using such an extra-ordinary software on your device then you should have high-speed internet working. Check with your router and look for any network flaws. If they persist then you must resolve them by changing the configuration of your router so that you can access the software.

You can also look for any other glitches that are troubling you from accessing the software. This error is general and can be sorted out via simple troubleshooting. AOL Desktop software users always prefer using it as their default program because it allows ease of access.

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