How to Fix Lexmark Printer Error of Wrong or Missing Cartridges?

It is hard to put a question mark on the performance of Lexmark printers. This brand is counted as the most favored brand of printers among the users. But in some situations this company printer makes the user frustrated by showing error messages which are out of the basic understanding for nontech users. The usually encountered error message is of ‘wrong or missing cartridges’. If you want a quick solution to this error then without wasting time, reach out for Lexmark printer help number that can be availed 24 hours of the day.

While confronting any error message, it is of utmost importance to rectify it only after analyzing the possible causes. Some of the causes of this error are enlisted and thereafter step by step solutions are given to sort the issue out.

Causes of ‘wrong or missing cartridge error’

  • Installation of incorrect cartridge
  • Incorrect setup of the cartridge from their slots
  • There are no cartridges

Fixing Lexmark printer error of Wrong or missing cartridges

Step 1: In the case of missing cartridges:

  • Check on the cartridge part number
  • If they are incorrect, replace them

Step 2: In the case of missing cartridges:

  • First of all, install the Lexmark printer cartridges
  • Insert the new ones and check if the error message occurs or not

Further troubleshooting:

  • Open the top cover of the printer
  • Remove the cartridges
  • Close the top cover of the printer
  • Power off the Lexmark printer and remove the power supply from the back of the unit
  • Re-install the printer and insert the switch back to the power supply
  • Clean the cartridges and AIO Carrier contacts
  • Reinsert them at their respective places
  • Print a test page

Some error messages are easily fixable while other require professional assistance. Once you will solve this issue on your end, you will be able to troubleshoot Lexmark printer problems in the near future too. But it is highly recommended that you must get in touch with Lexmark support so that they will provide an effective solution within the short time duration.