TurboTax error 42015

How to Fix TurboTax Error 42015?

TurboTax is a software that has to do with tax preparation for the United States and Canada tax returns. It is easy to use as it has a user-friendly interface for processing and electronic filing of tax returns for individuals and businesses. It gives a platform for free processing and re-filling of non-commercial federal tax returns. It starts by gathering the information of users such as their occupation, number of children in the family, charitable donations made, whether they own a home etc.

It can also automatically fill up forms; users just have to provide a photo of their salary and tax statements and the rest will be taken care of by the system. It is very reliable as it has been observed that the calculations made by TurboTax are very accurate and it is backed up by service guarantees. If you are interested and you want to know more, then you can contact TurboTax customer support number to get the desired information from proficient employees.

Apart from its accuracy in calculation and reliability, there exist certain issues that hamper the proper working of the software system. One very common issue is the occurrence of error code 42015. This error usually appears when the customer is trying to connect to the update site.

Troubleshooting “Steps to Fix TurboTax Error 42015:”

  • Go to the start menu and in the search box type ‘command’. And make sure not to press enter yet.
  • After that press ctrl+shift together then hit ‘enter’.
  • When you see the permission box, click ‘yes’.
  • In the black box that appears, type in ‘reedit’ and click enter.
  • Select the error 42015 in the registry editor and from the file menu, choose ‘export’.
  • Under ‘save Inlist’ choose the folder where you want to save the Turbo Tax backup key.
  • Then type a name for your file in the ‘File name box’.
  • Select ‘selected branch’ in the export range box and click save.

These steps will resolve the error 42015 problem and you can now visit the update site without any complication. But if you require any help or assistance, you can call TurboTax helpline number to get help from expert technicians.

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