Purchase PLUS after filing 2019 tax return

How do I purchase PLUS after I’ve already filed my 2019 return?

TurboTax is seen as a very helpful software that enables taxpayers to file their tax returns in a systematic format. Since most people have trouble filling out the relevant tax forms and paperwork when they have to file their returns, TurboTax can automatically prepare the relevant data and calculate your tax requirement through a series of simple questions. TurboTax allows you to file your tax returns online and also keeps a record your tax returns of the previous years. However, if you are using the free edition of TurboTax you will need to purchase TurboTax PLUS if you want to view your previous year’s tax return. This article will give you a brief idea about how to buy TurboTax Plus after you have filed your 2018 tax return. If need more information about you to check your older TurboTax returns you can call the TurboTax customer service and consult a certified expert for additional help.

What is TurboTax Plus?

TurboTax Plus is a tool that is meant to help Federal Free Edition TurboTax users who are looking to access their old tax returns. This tool allows users to import and transfer their tax data if the need to verify any information. TurboTax Plus will also give you tips on how to maximize your tax refund based on an analysis of the previous year’s returns.

Steps to purchase PLUS on TurboTax

If you are looking to review your TurboTax returns over the last seven years you will first need to reopen your 2018 return and follow the steps given below so you can purchase PLUS:

Step 1: Enter your TurboTax details and sign in to your account.
Step 2: Click on the option to add a State.
Step 3: Look for the ‘Upgrade’ option in the menu on the left
Step 4: Select ‘PLUS’ and proceed to the Tax Tools option
Step 5: Go to the Print Centre and select the option to print, save or just preview your tax return.
Step 6: Press ‘Pay Now’ and follow the instructions to complete the payment

Once the payment is complete you can go to Tax Home and go to the section marked “Your tax returns & documents” to find the tax returns of the previous years. In case you are using the TurboTax mobile application you will need to sign out and the open TurboTax through the web version using your app login.

TurboTax users should note that the exact steps to purchase PLUS depends on the status of your current TurboTax online return. If these steps do not help and if you are still unable to view your previous year’s tax returns you can call the TurboTax helpline number and reach out to a professional TurboTax expert to find out how to resolve the issue. This TurboTax support phone number is available 24 hours a day so you can resolve any issue as soon as possible.

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