Control Lights and Devices with Echo Alexa

How to Add and Control Lights & Devices with Echo Alexa?

Echo Alexa, you would be surely familiar to both the names taken altogether. But still, for others those who are not aware of what these are, actually Echo is a smart & compact Bluetooth speaker and Alexa is an application which takes commands and processes it through the Echo. There is much more you can do with an echo than you think. In this article, you will know about using the Alexa for controlling the lights and devices in your home. If you are confused about doing the steps yourself then it is advised that you must reach out to Echo Alexa customer service where the technicians will guide you properly.

How to Set Up the Devices to Work with Alexa

If you are using the smart lights such as Philips Hue lights then first make sure they are compatible to work with other devices as well. Also, check that the lights are plugged into the socket and are lit up. So, it is important to set up the devices with their own application or the remote sensing before connecting with Alexa.

  • First of all, you will need to install Alexa skills for the devices you want Alexa to discover. You will just need to log in for establishing each separate connection.
  • Ask Alexa to discover my devices or Go to the Alexa app > smart home and choose to add devices.
  • Alexa will scan your home with the compatible devices and they will be saved by their default name in the app.
  • If your Alexa is unable to find the devices, then you will have to delete and reinstall Alexa skill and sign in. Turn the devices and restart the Alexa and check if it finds or not.

Rename the Devices in Alexa

As told, the devices will be saved in the app automatically with their default names, but you can rename them as per your preference. In order to avoid clashes among similar devices, you must name them. Head to Alexa, smart home and tap on the device. Rename it.

Moreover, you can control all the devices that are connected with Alexa with the help of a single group. To do so, open the Alexa app > smart home > groups and add a group. Choose a smart home group and give it a name. At last, tap the devices you want in the group and you are done.

Control the lights & devices:

Just through simple commands to Alexa, you can control the connected lights or other devices. You can ask Alexa to turn them on or off with a voice command. It depends upon the device too that the commands can be accepted or not. So, make sure that you give reasonable and performable orders to Alexa.

The whole Echo Alexa setup with the smart devices in your home is very easy, but if you experience any inconvenience then do not think twice in connecting with the technical executives.

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