Canon Printer Error Code 1660

How to Bypass Canon Printer Error Code 1660?

Have you ever experienced Canon Printer Error Code 1660 Failure? No need to worry and it is one of the common errors occurring in Canon Printer. We are representing here the causes and solutions for error code 1660. You can bypass this issue without facing any difficulties by following the given detailed procedures. I hope this will help you to terminate this error soon.

What is the meaning of Canon Printer Error Code 1660?

The improper installation or misplacement of Ink Cartridges is the meaning of Error Code 1660 of Canon Printer. This error occurs due to various causes. A few of the causes are mentioned below for this error code.

  • Inappropriate placement of Ink Cartridges
  • Defective Ink Boxes or Cartridges
  • After Refilling, improper installation of Ink Cartridges at Canon Printer
  • Non-Recognition of Ink Tank by Printer

What are Methods to Troubleshoot Canon Failure Code 1660?

Method 1

  • Open the front cover and check whether the red light at Ink Cartridges is ON or not, it is OFF, then Ink Cartridges are not installed properly. Open the cover and take out the cartridges one by one after putting the Printer in OFF mode. After some time, make the printer ON, and place the cartridges one by one and close the main or front cover.
  • Be sure that the orange protective cap is detached from the bottom of the ink cartridges properly.
  • After that, press the resume or cancel button to start the process of printing once again.

Method 2

This procedure is explaining the method of cleaning the Ink Cartridges to terminate Error Code Canon Printer 1660 and then, reset it properly.

  • Make sure that the Printer is turned OFF and remove all the cables from it. Open the cover and just remove Ink Cartridges one by one. Then, clean and replace it carefully.
  • After this, press and hold the reset button for 5 minutes, a red light will start to blink. It means that connectivity between the Printer and cartridges is done properly.
  • Again, press and hold the button until the green light blinks and now test the printer to make sure that the error is terminated or not.

Method 3

  •  Keep the Printer on OFF mode and detach all cables from it. Then connect it once again by holding the start button for a few seconds.
  • Now take a print to ensure the eradication of Canon Printer Failure Issue Code 1660. It is the process of Restarting the printer.

Method 4

This procedure is to clean and reinstall the Print Head once again. Take out the Print Head and clean it with dry cotton and reinstall it. These procedures will definitely help you in resolving the Canon Printer Error Code 1660 quickly.

If there is any technical issue other than this, then you can recommend the Canon support team to fix this issue. It is the best possible method to resolve such type of error code in the Canon Printer. There are various repairing agencies that are providing hassle-free and user-friendly services for repairing at affordable rates.