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How to Cancel Avast Antivirus Service and Claim Refund?

Avast antivirus is designed in such a way that it specializes in providing assured security to the systems from all types of threats including virus, worms, spyware, malware and others cyber-attacks. Users have to take a subscription to safeguard their devices. But there is a clause in it which many users like and many don’t. At the time of subscription, your card number and other payment details automatically get saved which get used at the time of renewal of the subscription. But at certain times, many users don’t like the auto-renewal system which leads to a reduction in their account even if they don’t want it. If you are facing such issue then, get in touch with Avast customer support number, where the technicians will guide you in canceling the service.

The whole procedure of canceling the package subscription and claiming a refund is given below. You can try the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue at your end.

Steps to Disable the Auto-Renewal Service of Avast Antivirus

  • Open the Avast application and go to your account
  • Enter your credentials including username and password
  • Navigate to the License section, click ‘your license’ option
  • Find out the auto-renewal license and cancel it by clicking ‘deactivate auto renewal subscription’
  • Once you will receive the confirmation email about cancellation there after it will not be auto-renewed

How to Claim the Auto-Renewal Refund of Avast Antivirus?

It is necessary to follow the under given steps so as to stop the automatic deduction of your money from the bank account. If you fail to do so then the money will keep on deducting. You can claim the refund within 30 days.

  • Go to the official website of Avast
  • Navigate to sales and refund section
  • Refill the information
  • Enlist the same email ID that you used at the time of purchase
  • Claim the money
  • The service team will get in touch with you for further help

If you feel confused, try to perform the steps again to cancel Avast auto renewal. The steps are easy to perform or you can take help from customer support executives.

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