How to Change Wireless Settings on a D-Link Router?

The Internet is an essential part of everyone’s life and without that, it will difficult for them to accomplish their basic task whether it is official or individual. Internet and networking system can’t work without the routers as it is the basic and important hardware part of it to run any network or Internet. There are several companies and brand which are dealing in the manufacturing of routers, but D-link is the name which is on the top of the list among all as its better in quality and maintained the standards of it from the beginning. You might confront some issue while using D-link router while changing the wireless settings in it and need some assistance. You can get here a complete solution for the same issue and you need to follow the instructions strictly. And if some error while following the process then there is another way to sort it out and that is D-Link Support Number with the help of certified technicians.

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Steps to Change Wireless Settings on a D-Link Router :


To begin the process you need to open a Web browser and then you have to enter the router’s IP address, which is commonly


In this step, you need to click on the “Login” button which can find usually at the center of the screen. Now you have to leave the password field blank and after that type the word “admin” into the username textbox and then you have to just click on “OK” to access the router’s settings menu.


After the previous step you have to just click on the “Home” button which is at the top of the settings menu and then you have to click on the “Off” radio button to avoid any computers from accessing the D-Link wireless router. After that, you are required to scroll down to the “WEP” entry and then click on the “Enable” button if you want to turn on the security feature for the limited access of the computers.


Now you are required to click on the “Key 1” text box and here you have to type in a 13-digit password if you want your computer users to provide the access of wireless router and after that just click on the green “Apply” button in order to save the changes.


Here you have to navigate to the “Advanced” tab if you need some additional security measures to check unwanted computers from accessing the wireless router and then you have to click on the “Filters” option and then just click on “MAC Filter.” Here you have to type in the MAC addresses of the computers which you want to be able to access the wireless router in the text boxes which will pop up. Now just click on “Apply” to save the changes.


Finally, you have to go to the “Tools” tab and just click on the “Password” text box and then just enter a password in order to prevent other users to access the D-Link settings menu without using the password. Now just click on the “Apply” button to save the changes.

As it can be seen and analyzed that by following the above-provided process of the problem you can easily resolve the issue which you were facing. One thing which you have to keep in mind that you follow the steps very strictly and if you confront some error while following the process then there is another way which can sort your issue through D Link Router Customer Service Number where you will get the help from certified experts to resolve the issue without any hassle.