clean paper jam in Brother Printer

How to clean paper jam in Brother Printer?

The paper jam issue often occurs with printers. If your Brother printer is stuck due to paper jam issue and you are looking for help to fix it. Just below here you will get the troubleshooting steps. If you get trouble to follow the steps try to get help through brother printer support. Trained experts of Brother Printer tech support will fix paper jam issue in short time duration.

Troubleshoot steps for paper jam:

When the paper jam issue occurs with HP printer you will get led indications on the control panel as shown in the figure.

Troubleshoot steps for paper jam
Step 1. Open the printer from cover and leave printer to cool down for 10 minutes.

Open the printer from cover and leave printer
Step 2. After 10 minutes take out the drum unite with toner cartridge assembly. Pull out the jammed paper with the assembly. You can also pull out the paper by opening the paper tray.

toner cartridge
Step 3. Now close the front cover of the printer.

Step 4. Completely remove the paper tray from the machine.

Step 5. Use both hands to remove jammed paper from the printer, if you use one hand may possible paper will turn in the piece.

remove jammed paper from the printer
Step 6. Open the back cover of the printer.

back cover of the printer
Step 7. Open the fuser cover by pull down the taps from left &right-hand side.

fuser cover
Step 8. Pull out the paper by both hands from fuser unit.

Pull out the paper
Step 9. Close both back & fuser cover.

Close both back and fuser cover
Step 10. Open the duplex tray and remove the jammed paper.

duplex tray and remove the jammed paper
Step 11. Ensure that the jammed paper remove completely from the printer.

jammed paper remove completely
Step 12. Now put the duplex tray in the printer.

Step 13. Push the green lock lever and take out the toner cartridge drum. Clean the jammed paper if remain inside the drum.

green lock lever
Step 14. Again put the cartridge back and lock it.

cartridge back and lock it
Step 15. Put down the toner cartridge assembly back to the printer and close it.

toner cartridge
Step 16. Ensure that the error LED is off. The ready LED lights are on.

error LED is off
If the ready LED lights are not getting turn on then don’t worry. Go to the turn on button and press it.If you are unable to resolve it you can ask for help through Brother Customer service. The tech support experts of Brother Printers will help you 24 X 7 to fix it. You can try Brother Printer tech support number to reach to customer care team.