Disable AVG Automatic Updates

How to Disable AVG Automatic Updates?

AVG is an antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast software. It is available for Windows, MacOS, and Android. This antivirus automatically updates the virus definitions and program update as it is pre-configured in settings to do so. There may be certain times when you just get fed up or irritated with the automatic updates and want to get rid of that setting. For that, you are reading the right blog because here, you will find the solution. You can try to set the settings as per your preference or get in touch with a contact number for AVG, where you will be properly guided with a solution for the issue.

There can be many reasons for data consumption, longer time, slow processing and other for disabling the auto-update setting. But the solution is simple, you can try the below-mentioned steps to do the needful.

Solution: Disabling AVG automatic updates

  • The open AVG user interface, click on Options > Advanced settings > schedules, then select Definition Update Schedule and uncheck ‘Enable this task’, click OK.
  • When you will expand the schedule options on Left, select ‘Program update schedule’ and untick ‘enable this task’, click OK to apply changes.
  • For other AVG Versions, open and launch the ‘antivirus free’, click on Menu and choose ‘Settings’ and then select update and set manual update for virus definition and program settings.

It is highly recommended to let the database update settings as they are otherwise that might result in data loss. If the data update is disabled, click on ‘Fix now’ to re-enable the definition update schedule task but not the program update schedule task.

This antivirus comes packed with many benefits like protecting network through email shield technology, smart scanner, remote management, powerful mobile security, anti-theft, camera tap, and many others. But the issues occur most of the time with this antivirus. For instant resolution of the problems, try reaching out to AVG Customer care, where the guide will be provided by technicians in regards to your problem taking it on high priority.

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