How to Export Emails from Incredimail to Thunderbird Manually?

IncrediMail is a creative and advanced multimedia-rich feature email client which allows you to share creative emails to your contacts. It comes packed with many incredible features and suits professional as well as personal users. It supports notifiers, animated effects, sounds and multimedia attachment previews. While on the other hand, Thunderbird supports mail account setup wizard, personalized email address, one-click address book, phishing protection and many other features. Both the email clients are different from each other but best in their own ways. It is quite common for people to encounter issues with these emails. The most common issue being transferring emails. If you are also confronting the same issue then you need to reach out to Incredimail technical support number for the assistance from the technicians.

People might want to export IncrediMail emails to Thunderbird due to many reasons. the main reason being the professional aspect. As mentioned above Incredimail is suited for creative people but Thunderbird is far professional in appearance. So with the changing scenario and easily understanding the emails without much creativity, people like to export emails.

Solution: How to export emails manually

  • Open Incredimail and save as email in the .eml format at any location.
  • After that open Thunderbird and create a new folder where you want to Incredimail files.
  • Now drag the saved, .eml email and drop at the newly created folder.
  • If required you can repeat the process by creating more folders.

Drawbacks of this manual process –

  • It is a very lengthy process which wastes your valuable time
  • Attachment including images or videos might get lost in the exporting process
  • Emails may show trouble in opening properly.

You can also use an optional way that is IncrediMail to Thunderbird converter program which will provide complete data transfer in minimum time. It is highly advised that in case you face any issue while doing the manual process transfer, then try to contact Incredimail by phone. the customer support team is available 24×7 online for giving a solution to the customer issues. the technicians will help you fix the issue.

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