Asus Wireless Router Not Working

How To Fix Asus Wireless Router Not Working?

Asus is one of the acclaimed company across the globe dealing in digital electronic devices. Apart from the other devices, Asus routers are preferred mostly by the users due to their durability, high-speed performance, greater capacity, and many other reasons. Despite innumerable amazing features, at certain times, users of this router encounter with technical issues while accessing it or configuring it. So if you are also an Asus user and the router is not working then try taking help from Asus router customer care number which can be accessed 24×7, round the clock.

Users of this company routers often face issues related to installation or uninstallation, setup or configuration, connection, password reset or the router crashes. But the most encountered issue is of the router not working. Fixing such a situation is quite simple and all you need to follow some troubleshooting steps.

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Fixing the Issue of Asus Router Not working

  • Restart the devices: unplug your router’s power cable and wait for a while then plug it back. Restart your modem and system too.
  • Check cables: make sure that all the cables involved are plugged in properly, also look for any physical fault or defect in the cables.
  • Overheating: if the router is overheating, try to disconnect all cables and devices and then do not use the router for around an hours. Keep it at flat and ventilated surface.
  • Update your Wi-Fi driver: Go to device manager by right clicking on ‘My computer’ then update the router or the driver by selecting on device manager.

If these steps do not work your way then connect with Asus support number where the technicians will help you with a fixture. Also, follow the steps that are mentioned below. It is common that the basic troubleshooting might not work sometimes and for the effective sorting, you need to reset and do the installation of the whole router.

  • Reset the router: with the help of a paper clip, continuously press and hold the reset button for a while and insert the power cord afterward. Open the browser of your choice and enter login username and password, go to restore save upload settings and select it.
  • Set up the router: Plug out the cable from your modem and plug it back in WAN port. Connect it to the power plug and open the browser for the setup. Type the credentials and click next.
  • Secure your router: by going into the wireless, choose your SSID name and select the wireless mode to auto, type the strong password and secure the router.

If the problem of your wireless router still persists then try reaching out to Asus customer care number where the team of highly professional and certified technicians will analyze the issue deeply and then will provide you with the most effective solution. They are experts in fixing all issue related to this company routers. You will be dealt in very friendly manner by the experts.

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