How to fix AVG installation error on Windows 10

How to Fix AVG Installation Error on Windows 10?

The Internet is used by everyone nowadays very frequently as it is a modern age where technology is very sophisticated. Surfing on the net might create a problem for you sometime due to cyber threats and your data might corrupt or system or other gadgets might get crash. To deal with such things AVG antivirus is there which can protect you from all the cyber threats, but you might face some error while using it such as installation error in AVG and to fix it here is the solution for you which is provided over here and you are required to follow the steps one by one and even if you failed to do so then another option is there through AVG antivirus customer service where qualified technicians will assist you in resolving the issues.

AVG install Error – How to Fix It?

Solution – Use AVG Remover tool

In this method, you have to run AVG Remover tool. It is a possibility that while installation process AVG stores some files which may create the problem and it may attempt to install AVG. In order to fix it you need to remove those files and for that you have to download AVG remover tool and it will remove the previous installation and then restart your PC and then can install AVG again.

To fix this problem, you need to run AVG Remover from Safe Mode. To do that, follow these steps:

1. To start the process you have to first open the Start Menu and then need to click on the Power button.

2. You have to hold the Shift key on the keyboard and then just choose Restart option from the menu.

3. After that, you’ll see three options available over here so you have to choose to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup settings and then click on the Restart button.

4. After the restart of your PC you can see a list of options over here, so you need to Choose Safe Mode with Networking by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

avg removal tool

By following the above-provided steps, all the third-party application and drivers will be disabled automatically. It means nothing is going to interrupt with AVG remover tool. Now you can run the tool and just follow the instruction which will appear on the screen to remove AVG. After this process, you have to restart your PC and try to install AVG once again. If you even confront some error then you have an option in the form of AVG antivirus phone number where you can resolve an error with the help of certified technicians.

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