Fix Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in Lenovo

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in Lenovo

Blue screen of Death, commonly abbreviated as BSOD is a full-screen error that often displays after a serious system crash. Death here seems to be a strong word because technically the device comes at the death stage when this error occurs. This issue has been around since the very early days of windows. If you also have come across a situation of facing this error, then try connecting with Lenovo Customer Care Number which can be reached online 24 hours of the day.

BSOD can happen due to many reasons like large files on the desktop, system failure, device demanding an update, virus or malware presence or many other reasons. You can try performing the troubleshooting steps given in this blog to get the issue rectified at the earliest.

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Solution: Fixing Blue Screen of Death in Lenovo

It is not always obvious what might have caused this error. In case of hardware malfunctioning, try resolving the error by removing any new hardware. There are usually two types of blue screen errors that are given below with their solutions:

BSOD That Lets You Get to The Desktop

  • If you can get to the desktop even if the error shows up then try uninstalling the update that is the cause.
  • In the search box, enter view installed updates and select it
  • Expand the window to see the install date and then select the one that is was installed recently
  • Select Uninstall

BSOD That Does Not Let You Get to The Desktop

  • If you can’t get to the desktop and your device is starting repeatedly then it will enter automatic repair
  • Choose an option screen
  • Select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > System Restore
  • Your device will reach at the system restore point
  • Now block any update from installing automatically.

It is very important to fix the blue screen error timely otherwise it may cause troubles in the future. If you find it difficult to perform the steps that are mentioned above then reach out instantly to Lenovo Customer Service where the trained team of expert technicians will help you in resolving the issue taking your minimum possible time.