How to Fix Brother Printer Will Not Printing Black Issue

How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Issue?

Brother printers are known for high-quality printing and scanning. It comes up with advanced and incredible features that make the printing simple. Apart from wonderful functions, it sometimes causes the problem of black cartridges. It is a widespread issue that is faced by most users. In this blog, you will get the solutions to remove the error ‘Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Issue’.  Brother printers are reliable and fantastic to print black. In this blog, you will get guidance on removing the error ‘Brother Printer Won’t Print Black’. You can also get the expert guide by calling Brother Printer customer care and a technical expert will provide you the solution to troubleshoot this error.

Reasons Behind Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Issue

Few reasons are behind your Brother Printer won’t print black issue. The error starts when the new cartridge is installed. Apart from a defective ink cartridge, some other causes are responsible for this problem.

  • Remove the Breather Tape On The Cartridge

Breather tape must be removed before installing the cartridge. If the breather tape is not removed, the ink will come out because it is vacuum-sealed in the cartridge.

  • Low-Quality Generic Ink Cartridge

Use high-quality ink cartridges of a famous brand. If you are using a low-quality ink not compatible with Brother Printer, then the printer will not print black. Ink plays an essential role in the quality of printing and doesn’t dry too fast. It comprises various chemicals that prevent the ink from drying. Use formulated and non-congeal ink.

  • Install New Cartridge Well Before It Gets Dry Out

When you see ink’s message getting low in the ink cartridge, replace it as soon as possible. Wait for the ink cartridge to be empty because it may cause air to enter into the print nozzle and block it. When air reaches the black nozzle, the printer will stop printing in black. It is mandatory to change the ink cartridge when the ink is about to finish because further working with it may damage the print head. Other causes like low-quality ink, tanks not mixed thoroughly, and the printer are not used further can be the main reasons for ink not printing black.

Steps to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Ink Issue

Some steps are given below to suggest troubleshooting not printing black issue.

  1. Print Constantly

If you print continuously, the ink will come out regularly from the printhead.  It will prevent dry out of ink and also print nozzles blockage.

  • Use High-Standard Generic Cartridges

High–quality ink cartridges provide standard printing and the right viscosity. The formulated ink will not block the print nozzle.

  • Don’t Place Printer in Hot Condition

If you place the printer near the window or any other warm place, the ink may congeal inside the print head. So, put it in a cool place to remove the print head damage. After applying all steps to fix your printer, the error won’t be removed. You can take the suggestions from high-skilled and professional tech experts by calling Brother printer support, and you will get the right guidance to fix not printing black issue in Brother Printer.