How to Fix Laptop Overheating

How to Fix Dell Laptop Overheating?

Laptops are known to be very efficient yet sensitive portable computers which demand regular care. There are many advantages of laptops over the bulky computers but they involve some cons also and the most basic one is a problem of overheating. You might have surely noticed your laptop being overheated if the reply is yes then it’s better to fix the issue timely otherwise it may lead to other disorders in future. In case you are unaware of the fixes then, try connecting with Dell Customer Care number that can be accessed 24×7.

There can be many reasons like improper airflow, excess charging, hardware failure, faulty air vent or some other technical snags behind the overheating of your laptop. But there is no need to get tensed as this issue can be fixed with the help of troubleshooting steps mentioned under.

Methods to fix Laptop Overheating

Method 1: check the internal cooling fan

The laptop has pretty weak cooling and ventilation system as compared to desktops. When you feel the laptop being too hot, then try changing or cleaning the laptop cooling system and air vents.

Method 2: Remove the old batteries

It is highly considered and proven by many users that exchanging the old batteries of the laptop with new ones fixes the overheating issue. So it’s best to buy new batteries and get the efficiency increased.

Method 3: Lighten the load

Laptops cannot take much load in terms of excessive files and programs and they often become heavy not in size or shape but internally. So you must remove and uninstall any unused programs or heavy files to improve the device performance.

Safety measures to prevent overheating

To keep your laptop safe for longer use and prevent it from overheating then do follow these precautions.

  • Use the laptop keeps on a flat surface
  • Do not use it while it is on a charge
  • Use cooling pads
  • Ensure timely servicing of your laptop

You must follow the methods as they are given in order to prevent overheating of your laptop so that you must not face more troubles. If the problem still persists, try reaching out to Dell customer support, where the certified technicians will resolve the issue in no time.