Error Code 2000-0146 On Dell Laptop

How to Fix Error Code 2000-0146 on Dell Laptops?

Dell laptops have been the first preference of the customers. It is the renowned brand name in the industry of manufacturing computers, laptops, and printers. Be it the quality or durability, Dell cares for everything to provide the best user experience and satisfaction. But at certain times, users often deal with a variety of problems, especially occurrences of errors. It is very likely that hard drive may get problems, say file corruption, bad sectors, mechanical issues or other. The hard drive is the brain of the computer responsible for data storage and hard disk problem threats data security. But dealing with them is easy, you can go by troubleshooting process or take help of Dell customer support which is available online 24×7.

Users of this laptop face many issues related to battery, touchpad, and motherboard. And the most common being an Error code 2000-0146 appearance issue. This error is attached to your HDD. It occurs when you try to boot your device. All the applications of the device stop responding when this error occurs.

Reasons for Error Code 2000-0146

  • Fluctuation in power supply – to overcome this issue, one must not connect their laptop with the main Always use an intermediate.
  • Overcharging – most of the users did not disconnect their laptop chargers even after their battery is fully charged.
  • Improper earthing

Fixing the Error

  • First, you need to change the BIOS settings
  • Go to BIOS setting and check HDD.
  • If you find that HDD is changed to AHCI SATA then change it to SATA drive
  • Save the settings.

Safety measures

  • Don’t forget to backup your HDD Data because sometimes you need to format and install the system on Hard disk again.
  • Always choose to boot the drive in safe mode and transfer the data. For entering into safe mode, press F8 repeatedly.
  • The solutions will work only when the drive can spin up and maintain normal operations.
  • Try changing the HDD if nothing works.

In case if you get stuck while doing the troubleshooting, directly reach out to Dell help number, where the technicians will help you in resolving the issue.