McAfee Antivirus not Scanning

How to Fix if McAfee Antivirus not Scanning Properly?

McAfee is counted among the best-known security provider antivirus for computers and laptops. From hosting multiple features to scheduling scans, McAfee does it all. By scanning the computer and monitor on regular basis this antivirus software protects your device. It also removes the malware, spyware and also harmful viruses from the device. But everything does not remain the same for the lifetime, be it antivirus or any software, they always have some issues with them. Same is the case with this antivirus too. Also, to solve common issues, one can anytime reach out to McAfee customer support for getting an instant and permanent solution.

Issues with antiviruses are innumerable, from antivirus not working or scanning issues or sometimes misbehaving by making the device lag or displaying the error messages. Issues vary from device to device and also the type of software. It is very common to encounter some problems while using the antivirus software but you can always choose to troubleshoot the issue by yourself. The issue of antivirus not scanning may be due to software’s compatibility not suiting with the device.

How to Fix McAfee Antivirus not Scanning Issue

Before starting the process, make sure there is no other antivirus installed on your device. Then, open your browser and go to the Internet Explorer, click on the internet options > tools > advanced tools and click Reset. After doing this, restart your computer and try to scan your device with McAfee antivirus.

If the above process did not work then follow these:

  • Check if your antivirus is up-to-date.
  • Check the system requirements for the antivirus.
  • If the device or software needs an update, perform them.
  • Shut down your device, then turn it on.
  • After the computer processes the BIOS, press F8, with the use of arrow keys, select safe mode and click enter.
  • Go to the start menu, click McAfee followed by all programs and select ‘on-demand scan’.
  • Once the process is complete, close it and restart your computer in normal mode.

In case, if these steps don’t work, directly reach out to McAfee helpline number, where the team of technicians will assist you.

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