imessage not working on iOS

How to Fix iMessages Not working on IOS 7 & 10?

First of all, there is no need to fret if your iMessages are not working on IOS 7 & 10 . Well, it is a common phenomenon and the best part is you can troubleshoot it very conveniently. This problem can be due to various reasons like wrongly done configuration settings, unstable internet connection or the unsupportable carrier. You can follow the steps given in this blog to fix the glitch or connect with the technical professionals by dialling Apple Toll-Free Number at any hour of the day.

Some of The General iMessages Problems:

  • iMessage not working or activating
  • iMessage saying not delivery
  • Difficulty in iMessage sending from email
  • iMessage visual effects not working
  • Unable to send group iMessages

Steps to fix iMessages Not Working in IOS 7 & 10 :

Step 1: Check the network settings: this is the most basic fixture that you can apply. If you are using the internet via Wi-Fi then make sure you are closer to the source or router. See if there are no proxies enabled.

Step 2: Turn off and on: Go to the Settings > Messages and turn off iMessage. Wait for a while and then turn it on. Make sure network is active and you are sending the message to an iMessage user.

Step 3: Check the send and receive options: Go to settings > messages > send & receive. You will see the number and Apple ID in the list. You can configure it if you want any changes.

Here you can remove the email ID and use the phone number only to fix the hassle. Or probably you can select both email ID and phone number and then check if it works or not. You will see a section ‘Start the new conversation from’ and then enter your phone number.

These troubleshooting steps work almost in all cases but you think that your iMessages are still not working then there is some serious problem that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. You can dial Apple Phone Number that stays available 24×7 for getting in touch with the team of trained technicians who have knowledge about iMessage solutions. also fix imessage not working on mac, macbook air, imessage send failure, not activating

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