iTunes cannot transfer videos to iPhone

How to Fix iTunes Cannot Transfer Videos to iPhone

Are you facing any issues in transferring videos from iTunes to your iPhone? Are you unable to fix the issue? Then there is no need to worry anymore because you are reading the right blog to get the solution to your issue. iTunes and iPhone are both the products of Apple. iTunes is a media player and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. iPhone users often use this app to transfer the files, be it audio or videos to their device, but face difficulties in doing so. In case you are looking for a point of contact to get the problem fixed, then you must get in touch with >Apple Customer Care Phone Number, where you will be guided by the trained technicians to sort out the issue.

iTunes has potential to play a variety of videos. However, it becomes hard to transfer files from it. You can try the troubleshooting steps to solve the issue by yourself.

Solution: How to Transfer Videos from iTunes to iPhone :

Step 1: Sync Videos to iPhone:

  • Firstly, open and get access to AnyTrans and then connect your iPhone to the computer. To set the video format, users should work with AnyTrans.
  • Open AnyTrans menu bar, click on the icon and tap ‘preference’ icon where you will see an option of Transcoding>video format.
  • Now go to the concerned page to easily manage your iPhone content according to the category. Click on ‘videos’ icon and select ‘movies’ icon or any other videos type you have. Then tap the + button and browse all the videos.
  • Finally, you can select video option and then click open to start transfer videos to the iPhone

Step 2: Creation of iPhone Version With the Help of iTunes:
Follow ‘open iTunes’> select the video file that you want to transfer’ and click ‘file’ icon. Now create a new version as iPhone version.

The whole process is quite easy but if you get confused anytime, reach out to iTunes Customer Support Toll-Free Phone Number, which stays available 24 hours of the day.

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