How to Fix Terrible WiFi Issues Occurring Due to Cisco Router?

We live in the age where we cannot imagine our life without internet. You can say that we have become slaves of internet regardless of age whether it is young, old or teenager all are addicted to the internet. We use internet for entertainment, sending and receiving emails, for using social website, view and pay bills, book hotels, the ticket of flight, train, bus or movie, as a source of communicating with our families’ and friends. But what if while using the internet you encounter some connectivity issue because of your WiFi then dial Cisco WiFi Router Support Number and get assured and on time resolution of your problem.

Whether it is home or office, college or school WiFi is used everywhere to get an internet connection. For a second only if the internet is down frustration can be visible on your face. You will always come across some unique problem related to WiFi router that includes- slow internet in some rooms, slow internet everywhere, Wi-Fi cannot be reached at all at some room, no devices can be connected, one particular device cannot be connected, connection is dropping, WiFi network disappear, no internet access, router crashes continuously, cannot remember the password.

If you are stuck in the situation where you are not able to access the internet because of some technical issue with your WiFi then don’t become irritated and you need to follow these steps -:

  • Reboot the router- One of the effective ways is to switch off the router and leave it just like that for 60 seconds and after turning it on try to connect wireless network.
  • Start Diagnostic repair – Click on Start and then navigate to Network and Internet. Under this search Network and Sharing Centre and click Change Adapter Setting. By right click on Wireless Network select diagnose. Hopefully, your issue will be resolved.
  • Re-add the Wireless Network – Select ‘Manage wireless networks’ from Network and Sharing center and from their delete your device by using ‘remove network’ option from drop down list. After returning to Network and Sharing Centre and click on Connect to network try searching for your device.
  • Check setting of your WiFi router – Check the details of your device which you use for connecting to internet. For this you need to login to your router by entering router id and password check the IPV4 address and the other details too.
  • Uninstall and then reinstall network adapter driver– Under Device Manager you will find Network adapter  from there uninstall wireless network device and reboot the system and after that reinstall it again and try connecting to your wireless network .

If all of the above mentioned steps does not help in solving the issue then you need to contact Cisco WiFi router Troubleshooting support team which is available 24×7 to guide you step wise step in resolving WiFi issue occurred due to router. You can enjoy the assistance of our team of expert while sitting anywhere in the world.

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