How to fix Trend Micro antivirus installation error

How to Fix Trend Micro Antivirus Installation Error?

Trend Micro antivirus is a Japanese product offered by Trend Micro Inc. This is a multinational company offers cybersecurity solution to users. Well, this is a good cybersecurity solution software but it has issues with Windows 8. Users of Windows often find trouble while installation or even uninstallation of Trend Micro. If you are looking for a solution the trend micro customer care will help you. To concern experts, you need to call them and ask for a solution. Well, there are also some steps given below which will help you to shoot out the problem while install/uninstall.

Error code 2503 Error code 2502
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To shoot out the problem first of all users need to follow the instruction given below.

Solution 1 (uninstalling)

This step if for installation issue, you required uninstalling the previous installed software. If you have to uninstall the trend micro, identify the .msi files.

1. Run the dialog box by press windows key + R.

2. Now type C:\Windows\Installer & press enter button.

Windows Installer
3. In the blank space do right click and view the details.
4. In the view details, you will find the column, click here on the column bar and proceed to more.

5. Search the subject here and click on it.

6. Tap on the subject column and identify the correct file here & open the command prompt.

App tool
7. Enter C:\Windows\Installer\with the name of the file which you want to uninstall.

After competence of the step check if the problem was solved or not. If not then you need to try solution no. 2.

Solution 2 (installing and uninstalling)

1. Press Ctrl + Shift and again press Esc.

2. Search the Windows Explorer and click on it under Windows processes. Again click in the “end task” option.

Windows process

3. Tap on the file of windows & run a new task.

A box will appear where you need to type “explorer.exe” without any quotes & mark on the box.

Create new task
Now you will be able to fix the installation or uninstallation error of Trend antivirus. If the issues remain same you can take help of trend micro technical support. Trained professionals will help you to shoot these issues 24 X 7 always.