Apple ID has locked disabled

How to Fix When Apple ID is Locked or Disabled?

Apple users or customers have their very own Apple ID which they need to carry out various purchases, for iOS updates, iTunes, app store etc. It is mandatory for them to make one before they can use any of the above. But sometimes they run into a very common problem with their Apple ID and that is the problem of the ID getting disabled. There are many reasons for this issue; it could be because they might have entered a wrong password one too many times or maybe because they haven’t used their ID in a long time. These reasons are justified by the messages they usually get like for example ‘this Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons’ or ‘this Apple ID has been locked for security reasons’. If you want to know some more reasons which cause this problem, you can talk with the team at Apple customer care number.

Recovering a disabled Apple ID isn’t that difficult. It involves two different solutions which are equally effective. The first solution is the simplest one you will find and the second solution involves using the two step-verification process. To carry on with these solutions, follow the guidelines below:

Steps to “Resolve Locked or Disabled Apple ID”

Solution 1.
This is by far the simplest method you will find. You need to go to a particular Apple page that deals with such issues.

  • Before doing anything you need to go to ‘’ and hit the ‘forgot Apple ID or password’ link. Now enter the disabled ID’s email and password.
  • Now choose the option ‘get an email’. Now open the email that you have provided and look for an email from apple.
  • Tap on the ‘reset now’ link that has been highlighted in blue.
  • Now enter a new password and tap the ‘reset now’ button.

Solution 2.
This solution involves the two-step verification process.

  • Go to settings on your iPhone or iPad and click on your Apple profile.
  • Now select ‘password and security’ and ‘change password’.
  • Lastly, follow the instructions which have been provided to you on the screen to finish resetting your password.

These two solutions will help you get back your disabled Apple ID. In case you run into some technical glitch, contact Apple customer support number. Here you will be provided with a technical representative who will assist you in solving the matter at hand.

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