Install Windows 8.1 on Acer Laptop

How To Install Windows 8.1 On Acer Laptop?

If you are looking for help to know how to install window on Acer laptop then this is the right place for you. Well, it is not important that everyone knows about the installation of windows or technical terms. So to resolve it and learn to install windows 8.1 on the Acer laptop you can follow the instructions given here. Hopefully, you will find the way to easy installation of a window on Acer laptop. So let’s starts to install the window on the Acer laptop by follow the mention instructions.

Step 1 – Find out about your Acer laptop:

Make sure you need to a fresh installation of windows 8.1 or required upgrading. If your laptop has already installed windows then you need to upgrade it.

Step 2 – Prepare your System Windows 8.1:

Click to Update window 8.1 flow and follow the next steps.

To bring all Acer apps in your laptop press Win + C & go to Search. Here type Acer. After this step, you can proceed with the installation process easier. Now go to the next step.

Step 3 – Installing or Upgrading To Windows 8.1

Before starting the data of windows you need to prepare a backup of data. Keep your data save to the hard disk. Now get the installation media of windows.

Upgrading of Window 8.1 in Acer laptop is too easy, just boot it from media installation and tap to upgrade. You will receive the prompt here follow that and you will do with upgrading.

If you want a fresh installation then make sure about given things.

  • You have safe the data backup.
  • The factory default setting + drivers + applications images are safe.
  • You have CD for windows installation.

Steps To Install Windows 8.1 On Acer Laptop

  • Enter and check the bios mode of UEFI.
  • Now disable the secure boot.
  • Ensure that the windows installation media has attached to Acer laptop. Press F 10 and save changes in BIOS.
  • After boot from installation media proceed to partition windows.
  • Delete all existing partitions one by one.
  • After following the prompts you can proceed to install.
  • After the successful installation of window 8.1. Use the driver CD or ISP images for driver installation.
  • If you will follow the same procedure you will not find any problem. Might be you miss some important files or data, so restart the Acer laptop.

Hence you have done the successful installation of window 8.1 on your Acer laptop. You can enjoy further work on your laptop. If you face any trouble with Acer laptop there is Acer customer service to help you. Without any problem, you will be able to reach to technical experts via Acer technical support number.

The number of customer support is 24 X 7 open for all users of Acer laptop. To rectify Acer laptop technical issues you will find the solution as soon as possible.