Reset a Belkin Wireless G Router

How to Reset a Belkin Wireless G Router?

Do you have to reset the Belkin wireless router? Want to ask the network administrator to reset the network? You don’t need it because this router has provided reset button on the back side of the router. You can use this button to reset the router or restore the factory default setting. If you want assistance for resetting step of your Belkin Wireless router tries Belkin tech support number.

Use the Reset Button:

  • Search the reset button on the router which is located on the back side labeled as “Reset.”
  • Press the reset button & release it. Wait for a while because the router is resetting. The lights of the router will flash for few seconds and then this light starts blinking. When this light will stop to blink means resetting has done.
  • To start the process of “Restore to Factory Defaults,” again press this button and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds release the reset button. When the light stop blinking & turns to solid means “restored to factory defaults” of the router has completed.

If you are unable to reset the Belkin Wireless router by using reset button due to any issue. You can opt for the user interface. If you require help using Belkin Support Number.

User Interface:

  1. Start the web browser on the computer & locate to
  2. Now access the router user interface & login.
  3. In the applicable field enter the password router & click to “Submit.”
  4. Open the Utilities Window by click on “Utilities” tab.
  5. From the list, the options, choose the “Restart Router.”
  6. Confirm by click on “OK” if you have to restart the router. When Blink router will restart, you will find that user interface has automatic reappear.
  7. Now you can follow the prompts which appear on the screen of your computer.

If you have any doubt or confusion. You can the technical support team to help you. Via using the Belkin customer support phone number you can ask tech support to help you.