How to Reset A Router to Factory Defaults (Cisco / RV220W)?

The Cisco routers provide the fastest network for home & office use. Sometimes users face a problem with this router and for troubleshooting, users need to reset it. First of all, you need to find out the problem and then get a solution to fix it. Users of Cisco router may try to avoid resetting steps. After reset the Cisco router users cannot log in the router until they again follow the same procedure at the time of login.

In case users are unable to access their router or forgot the problem then you can try to reset the router factory default. If you want to learn “How to reset the router factory default” then try the steps given here one by one. By the help of given steps, you will reset the router without any interruption.

Steps to Reset a Cisco Router to Factory Defaults:-

If you are Cisco router users and want to reset its factory defaults given steps will help you to do so.

Step 1: Search the Cisco Router Reset button.

The reset button of Cisco router is located at the back side of the router. It would be tiny in size.

Step 2: Press the reset button.

Make sure the router is open. Press the reset button, if you get trouble to press it then you can use pen or pencil.

Step 3: Now hold the reset button.

Keep holding the reset button for at least 30 seconds to reset the router.

Step 4: Reboot the Cisco router.

After wait for 30 seconds, disconnect the power from the Cisco router. After few seconds reconnect the router with power and turn it on. The router start reboot.

Step 5: Log in to your Cisco router.

After reset router, to access it again. You require to log in the Cisco router. 

If you need help to log into your router again then you can opt for Cisco router support number. The trained experts of tech support will guide you. Through Cisco customer service phone number users can reach out to the customer care.