Setup Amazon Echo Alexa

How to Setup Amazon Echo Alexa?

Have you bought the brand new Echo Alexa device and you don’t know to set up the device? Then you are reading the right blog, here you will get an answer to all your queries regarding Echo Alexa. After following this blog also you are not able to set up the device then feel free to reach at Echo Alexa technical support number, which is online 24×7 to assist you.

Echo Alexa is hand free voice control device which follow voice command to play your favorite music, read news reports, match scores, audiobooks, search for you on web, can make shopping list and to do list, send text message or call your family or friend, check traffic condition, connect to smart home devices and many more things.

Steps to Setup Amazon Echo Alexa

Are you one step behind to ask Echo Alexa to crack funny jokes to you? For that you must set up the device for which you have to go through these guidelines:

  • Download Alexa App: You can download the app in your smartphone or tablet either Android or iOS by using Play store or Apple store respectively. You can also download it on your computer or laptop from the official website.
  • Plug in the Echo: Plug in the power adapter to Echo through a power outlet. If the device turns blue it means power is connected. And after that it will turn orange that means Echo Alexa is ready to greet you and then a voice for setting up the device can be heard.
  • Connect Echo Alexa to Wi-Fi: Connect the device with the available connection by entering the username and password of your Wi-Fi.
  • Start Talking: Once the connection is established, you can start talking by saying the wake word which is by default ‘Alexa’ only. You can also change the wake by telling echo to ‘Alexa change the wake word’ or manually by using App.

If unable to follow the steps in the manner they are given then connect with Echo Alexa customer support number where a team of technical agents will give effective solution for minor or major issues.