Acer Laptop Sound Not Working

How to Solve Acer Laptop Sound Not Working Issue?

If you are an Acer laptop user and facing Sound issues with your laptop, then don’t worry this issue can be solved by some simple troubleshooting steps. You can take help of experts on the Acer customer helpline number.

But you can read this article and know about the origin of this issue and how you can solve this issue. Then simply go through this blog.

Reasons behind a sound issue on Acer laptop

  • You have installed a program on your computer which is blocking the sound.
  • You have turned off the sound by mistake.
  • One of the main is that the sound driver of your computer is damaged or corrupt.
  • The program or file you are using have a problem, not your computer.
  • Hardware issue.

These were some most common issues due to which your computer can cause sound problems. You can get rid of these issues with simple troubleshooting techniques.

Some troubleshooting techniques to fix the sound problem in Acer laptop

  • Check the sound volume, there might be the reason that the sound level is at Zero.
  • Try running any other program file or YouTube on your computer to ensure that there is no problem in the File.
  • Remove all the unnecessary or junk files from the computer.
  • Restart your laptop, this can fix the problem.
  • Check the Sound drive.
  • Go into device manager and update the sound driver. This should fix the sound problem but if it doesn’t work then try by reinstalling sound drive.
  • Go to device manager and select “Sound, video and game controller”.
  • Right click on the sound drivers and choose to uninstall.
  • Delete all the sound drives then restart your computer.
  • Then download the latest sound drivers from Acer official website for your computer.
  • Install all the drivers carefully and restart your computer.

The sound problem should be fixed by these Acer laptop troubleshooting techniques, but if it’s still not fixed then your computer is dealing with a hardware problem. Then you should contact Acer customer helpline number or if you face any technical issue with Acer laptop. You will definitely get the solution to your problem by getting the Support service from Acer.

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