Panda antivirus after installing upgrading to Windows 10

How to Solve Issues with Panda Antivirus after Installing or Upgrading to Windows 10?

If you are Windows 10 user or have recently installed it. You can experience lots of serious issues with Panda antivirus. You want to shoot out the panda antivirus issues with Windows 10 then you contact panda antivirus customer support. With the help of tech support team of Panda, you will resolve all issues. Well for two kinds of issues users can follow these given steps.

Scenario 1: Clean Windows 10 installation and no Panda antivirus installed

The first one issue occurs with almost problem: After windows 10 installation scratch, users receive a message that that antivirus Panda is not compatible with the new operating system even after clean installation.

Action Center
When this message appears on the screen of your device then you need to follow the steps to rectify this issue.

1. Click to store and download the Panda installation file.
2. Install the Panda antivirus products.
3. Activate the version using the Activation Code for antivirus.
4. In case you don´t know it, recover it from the Password Reminder option.

Scenario 2: Upgrade to Windows 10 with Panda antivirus installed

This situation occurs when the operating system got updates as Windows 10 and the panda antivirus uninstalled from the device.

Security Subscription
Follow the steps given below:

1. Tap on the previous warning from the pop-Up itself or may from accessing windows notification.
2. Choose the option Yes from the window requesting permission elevation& permit upgrade.exe is displayed:

User Account Control
3. When your window display tap to upgrade it.

Upgrade Panda Antivirus
4. After click on the Upgrade button, the panda antivirus file would be compatible with Window 10. Download it and restart your computer.

If you still find the Panda antivirus is not compatible with Window 10. Try to concern panda antivirus customer care. Experts of Panda antivirus are always ready to help their customers. Service of customer support 24 X 7 provides a solution for panda users. To troubleshoot the technical issue of Panda antivirus either whatever the problem is contact to tech support.