Use Echo with Alexa to Make a Perfect Alarm

How to Use Echo with Alexa to Make a Perfect Alarm?

Alexa can do many things even beyond your imagination. It’s not just your personal assistance but at times it acts more than that too. If you want to make Echo Alexa your alarm clock then you can simply do so without any strain. With a wide array of features, this tiny but smart device has a huge potential of not only being an alarm but also it can be your best bedtime partner.

Echo Alexa both works wonders when used in an effective way. Once you will get used to this device you will not able to leave it for an hour even. Echo has various models like the show, dot, and others and they have their specific features. You can talk to Alexa, it even understands varied languages. But as nothing is glitch free so is the case with Echo Alexa.

Generally, people stay unaware of the capabilities of this excellent device and the application on which it runs. And this unawareness results in troubles and hesitation for using a new feature. One such feature that Alexa supports is of alarms. If you don’t know how to set alarms then you can read this article till the end or ask for the guidance from experts available at Amazon echo technical support during all day long.

How to Set an Alexa Alarm

It’s just a minute’s task, all you need is to say ‘Alexa, set an alarm for … (time)’ Afterwards, Alexa will ask you for the alarm to be set for am or pm. You cannot just add one but can add many alarms according to your schedule. Remember when the alarm rings, just say ‘Alexa turn off’ or if you want to have a bit more of rest then you can ask ‘Alexa snooze’.

Setting Music/Radio as Alexa Alarm Tone

Now if you don’t want a boring and an ordinary jingle to ring as your alarm tone then you can set music or radio alarm too via Alexa. You have to command ‘Alexa, wake me up to (song name) by (artist) at (time). Same can be done with the radio station command or news channel command.

Playing Bedtime Sounds & Using the Alexa Sleep Timer

There are very refined skills that an Alexa can perform. If you had a hectic day and want a peaceful sleep without any distraction with light music then you can ask Alexa to play ambient sounds or bedtime music. You can also set Alexa the time duration you want to hear music for and the app will obey.

Similarly, if you like waking up to the sound of chirping birds, you can ask Alexa to wake you up at a particular time with a specific sound. All this is just a voice play you can command Alexa to your preferences and get the order fulfilled. In case of any doubts, reach out to Amazon echo help where the certified technical representatives will resolve the troubles in no time.

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