HP Wireless printer not a printing

How to Solve HP Wireless Printer not Printing Issue?

If your HP Wireless printer is not printing and you are looking for the fixture then you are at the right blog to get the solution. Printers have become necessity everywhere and when it comes to counting the printer companies then HP Printer comes to the mind. Thus, this company printers are used by almost everyone but when the machine you have bought does not perform its task then it needs to be troubleshooted.

It is always the best way to take the help from the technicians who stay reachable at HP Customer service because they know about the printer problems more than you. There can be different reasons for your printer not printing, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Printer not set as default
  • Print jobs have been canceled
  • Printer driver has not been updated
  • Some other hardware or software issue

Steps to fix HP Wireless printer not printing issue:

Step 1: By tapping the ink level option tab, check the estimated ink level of your HP Printer. When you will click it will automatically appear.

Step 2: Load the paper into the paper tray, then tap and hold the cancel button and press the start copy color button. Doing this will allow the printer to print a self-test report.

Step 3: Identity which cartridges printed with the areas are needed for the self-test report.

Step 4: Look for defects by taking the cartridges out of the printer.

Step 5: Clean the cartridge heads with the help of a wet wipe and let them rest for a while. Put them back in their respective places and restart the printer.

There can be an issue like paper jams, fading output prints, ghosting or toner spreads that might also lead to HP printing problems. With the proper troubleshooting and the issue can be resolved but it also depends that steps may be useful or not. But if nothing helps then you must try to update the printer drivers and perform a soft reset on the HP Printer. Last but not the least, you can get in touch with HP Printer support team where the representatives will guide you accordingly.

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