How do I Import or Enter my W-2 in TurboTax?

The Internal Revenue Service makes it mandatory for all employers to report the salary information of employees through a tax form. This particular form is called your W-2 form. Basically, the W-2 form makes a note of the state-federal or any other taxes that have been withheld from your monthly salary. The data mentioned on your W-2 form is essential while preparing your tax returns. This article explores the steps to import or otherwise modify your W-2 information while using TurboTax. You can also call TurboTax customer service if you need additional guidance.

Requirements for W-2 import in TurboTax

Here are some things you need to keep in mind before your import your W-2 info directly from your employer:

  • You need to use the EIN of your employer to confirm that the company or organization is a TurboTax Import Partner
  • Your employer should have the W-2 ready for import before the deadline for the filing date.
  • TurboTax require the correct amount from Box 1 in your W-2
  • Users are allowed to the user the YTD gross income from their year-end pay stub
  • Sometime TurboTax will also need the Box d Control Number from the W-2 form.

If for whatever reason TurboTax cannot verify the EIN of your employer you can use the option of taking a snapshot of your W-2 on your smartphone in order to import the data.

Steps to Import your W-2 info on TurboTax

The TurboTax software makes it very easy for you to import your tax information directly from your registered employer:

Step 1: Sign in to your TurboTax account and open your tax return
Step 2: Type W-2 in the search bar at the top of the page and open the search results
Step 3: Choose the option that allows you to work on your W-2 and proceed
Step 4: In case you have an older W-2 form you can click the button to add a new one
Step 5: Type in the Employer Identification Number given in Box b
Step 6: In case your W-2 form can be imported automatically you just need to enter the required identification information to complete the import.

In care, the TurboTax software does not recognize your EIN you have the choice of using the TurboTax mobile app to import the info. TurboTax also give you the option of manually entering you W-2 info through TurboTax Online or via the mobile app. If you have any difficulty with the steps given above you can call the TurboTax help number and speak to a trained technician on how to retrieve your W-2 so that you can file your tax returns without any problem.

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