Increase Computer Speed

How to Increase Computer Speed?

Who likes a sluggish computer? Obviously no one! It is very important to keep a strict tab on the performance of your computer from time to time. If you ever notice that there is something wrong with your device and it is taking a much longer time to process any task then it needs some troubleshooting. Which you can do by self or take help of the experts available who stay accessible at Lenovo Phone Number during all hours of the day.

Methods to Enhance The Speed of Your Computer

Disable Startup Programs

This is the preliminary thing you can do. Sometimes it happens that you mistakenly enable that program at the time of startup which is of no use. Click on the Windows button, click ‘run’ and type ‘msconfig’ in the search box. Tap on the startup tab and simply disable those programs which are not required.

Remove Unwanted Programs

To make your computer run properly and speedily, you must delete or disable the software, files and other things that are of no use. Use the uninstaller tool from the control panel and remove the files. Computer running slow then Get the help to Make Computer Run Faster.

Clean Your Drive

To access disk cleanup, go to the run menu and type ‘cleanmgr.exe.’ a search program and files box will open which will clean the disk and make your device faster.

Scan & Remove The Virus, Malware

With the help of a good virus and malware scanner, remove the threats from your device. It will help in removing those background programs that consume more power.

Make Adjustment for Better Performance

Click on the computer and then system properties, after that choose advanced system settings. You will find a performance settings button that will allow you to select adjust for best performance. Speed Up Windows 10

Add more RAM

Until the computer is at capacity, you must add more RAM memory. It simply provides more capacity to the system to perform much better in terms of speed as well as efficiency.

You can also use some other options too like running the fix it tool and defragmenting your disk. In case any of the methods do not work then you can reach at Lenovo Contact for Computer Help to have a dialogue with the professionals.