Acer Computer Run Faster

How To Make Acer Computer Run Faster?

There is no debate that your computer can run slow at times, this can be due to many hardware or software reasons. Every computer user faces this issue once in their lifetime and even after trying much troubleshooting they experience no change. But in this article, you will come across knowing the tips to make your computer run faster. You can dial Acer phone number if you think that the issue is not solvable and seek the assistance of the experts. Best Answer of your question : how to Make My Acer Computer Run Faster? how to make Acer aspire one run faster? :

Making Acer Computer Run Faster

  1. Back up your computer:

The first thing you can do to improve the speed of your device is to do a backup. You can purchase an external hard drive and import you all data to it. Doing so will surely result in good speed.

  1. Remove unusable program or files:

Go to control panel and then click on the list of installed programs in your device. Just remove them by selecting one by one as they are of no use to you and are only taking up space on your device.

  1. Disable unnecessary startup programs:

Issues like blue screen or sudden device freezing can be fixed by disabling unnecessary startup programs. Open the start menu and run a search by entering ‘msconfig’. Uncheck all the unwanted programs by clicking on the startup option.

  1. Install an antivirus or cleaner:

The fewer bugs and virus the more the performance and speed of your device. Install a good antivirus scanner to fix all basic a threat troubles.

  1. Run a disk clean up:

This helps in removing countless temporary files and also empty the recycle bin. Click disk cleanup from the general tab, a popup will ask you for the files to be deleted, check those and run the cleanup.

  1. Disable visual effects:

There are more than a dozen visual effects that you can simply turn off or on as per your requirement. Click on the control panel > system > advanced system settings > select the option of adjust for best performance.

  1. Add RAM to your computer:

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and find the area given to physical memory. If the number next to the available is less than 25% then you need to add a new RAM. Once you will add it, you will see a reasonable change in the speed of your device.

  1. Upgrade computer hardware:

Old hardware can also be the reason behind your slow running of the computer. Try to replace the parts and see if anything works or not.

These were the most basic methods you can try to increase the speed of your system. However, you can also do the clearing of temporary files, removal of gadgets or peripherals that are not in use, running a disk fragmentation and much more options. If nothing works and your computer tends to run sluggishly then you must consider connecting with Acer tech support as your last option. The technicians will provide you with more relevant steps to rectify the glitches. Troubleshoot Slow Computer problems and Speed up Acer computer windows 7, 8, 10 with the help of Acer Independent Help in US and Canada.