Cannot Connect to Norton Server

How to Rectify “You cannot connect to Norton Server” Error?

Whenever the users are activating their Norton product, they can see the error which indicates ‘You cannot connect to the server.’ To resolve the particular issue, you can read this entire blog, which shares the informative steps about the same. The customers are requested to perform the remedial measures in the way mentioned below. One can also get in touch with the technical executives at Norton customer support anytime they like.

For Windows 10 operating system

Step 1- Restart the laptop/computer

  • Exit from all the running programs in the System
  • Click on the Start Menu and after that on the small triangle near ‘Shut Down.’ Choose the option of ‘Restart.’

Step 2- Set your preferred web browser as default

  • If the above step doesn’t lay out positive effect, then follow this step
  • Click In Windows Start, then move to Settings and after that click on System
  • Now select the option of Default Apps
  • In the web browser section, put a check near the browser that you need to set as default
  • Once done, complete the Norton activation steps

For Windows 8,7, Vista and XP

  • Step 1 remains the same as above
  • In Step 2, you also need to execute the process to change the default browser, but they will differ according to the Operating System
  • 1. Press Windows key on the keyboard to open the Start Menu
    2. In the search box type, User Account Control’ and then click on Control Panel Window
    3. After that select ‘Category’ which appears when you will right click on ‘View.’
    4. Choose the option of ‘Programs.’
    5. Click on ‘Set your default program’ and select your preferred web browser

Step 3- Uninstall Norton product and then reinstall it again

  • Download Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool in the System. Once it gets downloaded save the file on the desktop
  • Click on the NRnR icon on the desktop and agree to the license agreement
  • After that select Advanced option and then click on Remove
  • After that restart the device

Step 4- Run Norton Live update

  • Click on the Norton product icon
  • After that select Security and then choose the option of Run Live Update
  • Till the time you don’t see a display message that ‘Your Norton protection gas latest protect updates,’ do not stop the process
  • Once done, restart the System

These are the given methods by which you can get positive results and resolve the issue mentioned in this blog. In any case, you have any query, then feel free to have a word with the professional experts at Norton helpline number.

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