Pair Echo Dot with Bluetooth speaker

How to Pair Echo Dot with a Bluetooth Speaker?

Echo dot is a small sized version of the Echo designed to be connected to the external speakers due to the size of the onboard speakers. It possesses the same functions as the original smart speaker Echo. It has improved voice recognition and can be effortlessly connected with any Bluetooth device. Despite its user-friendly interface, some of the first time users face inconvenience in pairing Echo dot with a Bluetooth speaker. If you are also one of them and need guidance from experts, then get in touch with Echo Alexa customer care that can be reached during all hours of the day.

If you have just unboxed the device, then you will need to do a quick setup for connecting it to the speaker. Also, you must have Alexa app installed on your smartphone to make Echo Dot accept and process commands given by you. The following steps will prove helpful in doing the needful pairing.

Steps to Pair Echo Dot with a Bluetooth speaker

Step 1: Put your speaker in the pairing mode

Step 2: Open the Alexa app, tap on its menu then on settings

Step 3: Tap the Echo Dot in your list of Alexa devices and then click on Bluetooth

Step 4: When the speaker to which you want to pair your Echo dot with appears, click on it to complete the pairing process.

After completion, your Echo Dot will receive all the audio commands from the speaker. If you ever feel like removing the speaker then return to the Bluetooth mention, tap the speaker and click forget device. You can also stream any audio, hear the live updates or command anything to your Dot assistant. With the evolution of Echo devices and its support application Alexa, the ease of users has reached a new level where they can control almost anything through their personal voice accessed assistant.

If you notice that even after doing the above-mentioned settings, your echo dot is not showing a paired connection to the Bluetooth speaker, then without wasting further time, you must reach out to Amazon echo dot help, where the technical experts will sort out the problem confronted by you in the stipulated time period.