Recover deleted quickbooks files

7 Easy Steps to Recover Deleted QuickBooks Files – QuickBooks Help

Sometimes while working on your files and data entry in QuickBooks, important files or documents get deleted accidentally. Accidents like this are quite normal and you mustn’t panic over it because you can retrieve it eventually. A lot of times, customers of QuickBooks tend to think that these lost or deleted files are irretrievable and they lose all hope and give up. But if you know the basic steps required to retrieve these items you will not be bothered at all. The reason why these files get accidentally deleted is maybe that there was an unsteady system associated with the software, or maybe due to the sudden crashing of the software. Whatever the reason may be it can be retrieved so you can take peace knowing about this possibility. If you are here looking for more detailed information about QuickBooks, then this blog isn’t for you. But you can still get it by dialing QuickBooks customer service number.

The steps that are involved in restoring deleted QuickBooks files is simple and easy to understand and follow. You can do so by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Press the start button and type in ‘.qbw’ and press enter.
  • You will be presented with a list of company files, you have to locate the duplicate ones.
  • Once you have located the files, right-click on it and choose ‘properties’.
  • When the description shows up, go to the general section and see whether the file is labeled as ‘QuickBooks company file’.
  • Check which files are the most recent one through the ‘date modified’ feature.
  • When you find it, copy it to a CD and remove all remaining files.
  • Make sure to copy it back to the same folder or location in the system once you are done clearing out.

These steps will help you recover all your deleted QuickBooks files. If you encounter some complication or a technical glitch, you can get the help of a qualified technician by calling QuickBooks helpline number. This helpline number is available for access throughout the day and it is also a toll-free number.

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