Roku Remote not Working

How to Fix Roku Remote not Working Error?

Roku is a very reliable source of digital players that allows you to watch or stream free or paid videos, movies, TV shows etc online. This ability to stream movies and shows from the internet is made possible by the integration of an operating system. And every Roku device comes with its own remote which can be used either manually or users can also activate its voice command feature. This remote is like the brain that controls the entire system. But sometimes, technical complication and errors disrupt the performance and working of the remove making it a burden to work with. And if you ever face such complications you must hurriedly get them fixed. But if you have no idea about the signs and symptoms of these errors you can get it clarified at Roku helpline number where your doubts and queries will be answered by experts.

Roku remote problems are a nuisance because it gets in the way of being able to stream properly. This is why you must take care of the problem instantly before it gets too serious. The remote error isn’t that big of a problem but if left ignored, might cause serious complications later on in the future.

So to fix any Roku Remote Problem, you must follow the steps below:

  • Take out the batteries and insert them again.
  • You can turn off the Roku device and turn it back on after around 1-2mins.
  • When you are using the remote make sure that there is nothing blocking or coming in between the remote and the device.
  • You must keep the device in a position that makes it feasible for it to receive the signal from the remote.
  • If you feel like the batteries are wearing out, replace them with new ones immediately.

You can try executing these troubleshooting steps the next time your Roku remote stops responding or working. These steps will definitely solve the problem. However, if you still aren’t able to solve this issue you can call Roku customer care to attain technical help from qualified employees.