Roku that wont Connect to Wi-Fi

How to Fix Roku that wont Connect to Wi-Fi?

If your Roku is not connecting to Wi-Fi, then you first need to learn what type of Roku Stick you are using. Various types of Roku Stick are available in the market, and if you don’t want to waste your time finding of the device,then you need to contact Roku customer service number. This number is available at all hours for the experts who will assist you in fixing the issue.

Steps to resolve when Roku Stick Remote not Working

  • Standard IR Remote

If you are using Standard IR Remote that is directly pointed to Roku player then only it will work fine. However, when the device isin a position, where there are no signals, then you need to check whether the signals from the remote are blocked or not. Then you can follow quick tips to resolve this issue:

  • First, you need to check that there is no obstruction between the Roku Player and the remote.
  • You even have to check the batteries if they are functioning correctly or not.  If there is carbon inside the battery area, then you have to clean the area and the battery and then place it back at their respective place.
  • Try to download the new remote on your smartphone for your Roku Player.
  • Express and Roku Express+ Remote

If your Roku Player is not connecting to Wi-Fi, then you can verify the batteries of Roku Express and Roku Express+both. You can try to reset the battery of the remote.

  • Enhanced ‘Point-Anywhere’ Remote

These are wireless remote and does not need this remote to point directly toward the Roku Player. Follow the below-mentioned tips to fix the problem:

  • You can first restart your Roku Player as well as your remote.
  • Even remove the batteries of the remote and then re-insert it back.
  • You even can remove the power cable of the Roku device and then after few seconds reconnect it.
  • You can even replace the batteries of your remote.

If the steps as mentioned above do not work for you, then you have to get in touch with the support team by calling Roku support number. The experts will first listen to your query, and then they will make sure to fix the issue at hand.