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Router Update Firmware Goes Bad

In particular, how many times in a day or month you have communicated with your router. Occasionally while turning it on or turning it off. Sometimes you face slow or no internet connection then you try to reset or reboot the router but didn’t find any success in fixing the connection issue at that very moment connect with Netgear Router Firmware Support with Customer Service Number present at all-time round the clock. A team of professional experts who are well versed in solving problem-related to the router.

Router firmware is the most important part of any device, you can say basically it is an operating system which runs on the specific model of router. Firmware must be updated from time to time to make your router run smoothly without any complications. Upgrading the router firmware is a pain but you have to do it. If you don’t have the patience to go through all the steps by yourself then you can take help from Netgear Customer Service which is online 24×7 to assist their valuable customer.

How to Router Update Firmware Gone Bad 

Every router is different but they can be upgraded in a similar manner. Once you know router model number and model name then you can jump into below-mentioned steps to upgrade the firmware:

Step1: Connect the router via Ethernet if your router is not giving access to configuration page when you were connected with Wi-Fi

Step 2: In the address bar of the browser write router’s IP address

Step 3: Enter login credentials – If you don’t know the username and password you can try some default ways:

Step 4: Open the ‘Firmware’ or ‘Router Upgrade’ or ‘Update’ page – Name and location of this page will differ according to the router in use. It can be under ‘Administration’, ‘Utilities’ or ‘Maintenance section

Step 5: By entering ‘Check’ button search for any available updates

Step 6: Downloading of the latest update can be started on its own or some time we have to click the link for it

Step 7: If the latest version of firmware is present but no link is shown, at that time you have to visit the support section of manufacturer site

Step 8: In the search bar, enter the model number of your router and hit enter to search for any new version of firmware and locate the latest firmware file and download it.

Step 9: The file will be downloaded in ZIP format, you need to extract the content of the files and upload this file into Router’s firmware update page. Once the upload is complete, the update process of firmware will begin.

Step 10: The router will reset automatically once the updating of the router has been done.

While performing the above-mentioned steps at some point you can get confused, in that case, you can reach Netgear Router Support Number where proficient technician are available all the time to resolve the issues.