Setting up Amazon Echo and Alexa

Problem Setting up Amazon Echo and Alexa

If you are reading this article then you would be surely stuck at the setting up stage of Echo and Alexa. So as to do the needful you don’t need to get worried at all. Because there are many users like you who come across the hassle of setting the device as well as the application. In case you don’t want to get bothered by the time-consuming process then you must get in touch with Amazon echo support where the technical executives who will provide you the right steps.

It is important to set up the Echo and Alexa at its initial stage otherwise there will be connectivity problems later on that will interrupt you from using the application as well as the device. The given steps are easy to follow and you can do the needful without any assistance.

Step 1: Install the Alexa app and plug-in Amazon echo
Install the Alexa app on your Android or IOS device. Plug in the Amazon Echo device into the power source. As soon as you will plug it in then the light ring will turn blue. When the ring turns yellow then launch Alexa app on your phone.

Step 2: Launch the App and sign in
When you launch the App, you will need to sign into your Amazon Account. You will need to register up if you are not an existing user with Amazon.

Step 3: Wait for Orange light on echo
You will be asked to connect to Wi-Fi on the screen that says begin echo setup. Tap connect to Wi-Fi button when the orange light ring is on. If orange light is not turned on then you will need to press the power button for a few seconds.

Step 4: Manually connect to Wi-Fi
Now you will need to manually connect to echo screen. Close the Alexa app and open the Wi-Fi settings on your phone, under the connections, you will see a new connection, tap on it to connect. Once you connect to the echo, you will receive a pop saying that there is no internet access on Android, click yes.

Step 5: Connect to Home Wi-Fi
Select your network and tap on the network name then add a password. Press the connect option. As the setup will be completed, tap on continue button.

There are some troubleshooting methods that can also be considered in case you got stuck in the setup process. If you are having a problem in downloading Alexa app then you can update your Android device, this will lead to proper usage. If there is no Wi-Fi connection message then you must check with your router’s connection status. You can easily control smart home gadgets through Amazon Alexa.

But the best way to resolve the glitches is by reaching out to a team of experts. Your Amazon echo dot setup can also be done in a similar way and there will be no other extra instructions involved. You can ask Alexa to turn on the lights, play your favorite track and much more once it starts to work.

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