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TurboTax Phone Number: 1-855-240-4512
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Call time: 24 Hours 7 Days, also available on holidays

Intuit developed a tax preparation software which incorporates a step by step tax filing system to assist people in organizing their taxes by helping them understand the process of tax filing so that they can prepare their federal and state income tax files, this software is called TurboTax. This is a very reliable tool for when you want to file your tax report or statements straight from your home computer. This software prepares taxes by asking the person to provide details or data about their employment stature and whether they have children or if they make routine charity donations, and if they own a home. The software then processes this information to create forms.

All you need to do is provide a picture of your wage or tax statements and the software inputs the data automatically. It is very resourceful and dependable since the calculations made by this program is very accurate and it is backed by service guarantee to make sure that the tax refunds are secured instantly by the user. So if you are interested in this software and if you want to know more in detail from a reliable and certified source, you can contact TurboTax customer service number to get the information you need.

Some Common Technical Issues with TurboTax

No product or software comes flawless and free of any error or complication. And just like that, TurboTax also has a decent amount of hiccups and demerits. These issues are experienced by customers all over the world and it causes unwanted problems and creates havoc. Some of the very common and prominent issues of TurboTax are:

  • TurboTax installation error which happens when basic system requirements aren’t met by the user or due to hard drive issues or windows updates issues.
  • TurboTax Error 1921 which is related to the update process of TurboTax and it is caused by background apps which slows down the system.
  • TurboTax Error 65535 which occurs when there is an interruption during or when the installation is incomplete or a corrupted download of the software.
  • TurboTax Error 42015 happens when you are trying to update but cannot connect to the update site; the proxy site cannot be resolved.
  • The problem of transmitting e-file in TurboTax which happens when your tax return does not get processed even after choosing to transmit returns.
  • Over time, the software becomes too slow and it takes a long time for the software to load.

What is TurboTax Refund Processing Service?

TurboTax Refund Processing Service is a way of paying the TurboTax fee by cutting it from the federal tax refund. This is an option that you can choose when you do not own a credit or debit card. This service does not require you to e-file and processes your refund and it also does not slow down your computer. For this to work you will have to provide some requirements which have been listed below:

  • You must first e-file your federal return and since the refund processing service only appears if you have a federal tax refund, you can only deduct your fees from that.
  • Then you must direct deposit your refund to a single account.
  • Keep in mind that this service can only be used once to pay your fees.

There is a TurboTax app available for users as well if they want to access TurboTax when they are away from their home computers. And you can also use this app to pay for your TurboTax fee by following the steps below:

  • Open the app on your phone and sign in. after you have successfully signed in, go to ‘returns’ or ‘your return’.
  • Under this, click on the menu and select ‘file’. Now go to ‘review your order’ option and under this select ‘view payment options’ and choose ‘pay with federal refund’.
  • And to finish the process, all you need to do is follow the steps or instructions on the screen.

If you run into or encounter any problem while using the Refund Processing Service, you can contact TurboTax customer support to avail instant help from qualified professionals.